Ecommerce slider product variants issues

I want to switch from shopify to webflow for my ecommerce site.

I have a problem with the slider for the product page when a product has variants.

The initial loading goes smoothly but impossible to reload the slider (Swipe, Finsweet or Flickity) once we change the variant.

Is there a solution? I’m not afraid to have to code a bit, but I can’t find the Webflow event that triggers this variant change.

Another question also, my FLickity slider is loading correctly, but is “overwritten” because a JS reload is done with the Collection List. I tried to run the slider last with an event load, but nothing worked. (with Swiper I don’t have this problem).

I don’t think I’m the only one having this problem. This is my black spot for now before I can launch the online store!

Thanks in advance for your feedback,
Have a good day,

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