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Ecommerce site webflow front end?

Hi all,

I know there are some blogs out there about this but I’m looking to have a ecommerce site with over 2000 products I’m not to sure what is the best way around I could use the Shopify but that will take ages I think? unless I’m doing it wrong,

I read somewhere that ecwid is pretty good,

my level is code isn’t great

Hi @Adam_Wright.
Hope you’re doing well! If you’re looking to add ecommerce to your Webflow website and even manage products without having to leave Webflow, Foxy may be your answer: Responsive Ecommerce with in Webflow

We have video tutorials available along with a free Webflow ecommerce template. We’ve already helped dozens of Webflow users add responsive ecommerce to their Webflow website and we’d love to help you too.


If you like what you see with foxy cart, go over to this thread to the Poll and vote YES. Some of us are advocating for Foxy to be baked right into webflow as a native Ecommerce feature :smiley: Thanks!!

Link below:

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Hi Josh,

thats for pointing this out for me looks great!

got some questions

  1. how easy it to add a new product i have over 2000 need adding
  2. one the website it says “First 1000 transactions included” what exactly does this mean?
  3. a bit pricey why so expensive ?


@Syndicate15 Thanks for posting that! Awesome to see the votes coming in!

@Adam_Wright No problem at all. I have responded to each of your questions below:

  1. In relation to Webflow, adding new products can be handled a couple of ways. You can add static html for a form based product or link any element to a product link. This is better for one or a few products (or more advanced products). The other option is to use Webflow’s CMS. Check out the video tutorial or free template I mentioned in my previous post. Once you setup the product collection and product collection template page, adding products is as simple as adding new items. 2k products is a lot though. An import option from Webflow would definitely help here.

  2. Each of our plans comes with a flat monthly or annual fee (save when you pay annually). Each plan includes a number of transactions that do not get a transaction fee from us each month. In our Standard plan for example, you pay $20/mo (or $180/yr) and this includes all functionality and your first 100 transactions each month. Anything over the initial 100 transactions each month will receive a .5% transaction fee from us (with a minimum of 1 cent and a maximum of 15 cents) Does that help clarify things?

  3. We generally hear the complete opposite about our pricing. Do you mind clarifying what pricing you are expecting or would be willing to pay? Keep in mind we don’t nickel and dime. One price includes everything, not to mention our free unlimited developer plan.

Hope this helps some. I’m on standby if you have any other questions.


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I’m liking the sound of this so I can use web flows front end and cms but use foxy and my e-commerce? You mentioned a video tutorial where can I find the tutorial

I think I misunderstood the payment so it’s $20 a month for unlimited products? But the first hundred transactions are free or a small fee? In that case, this is a good price

Thanks again

That’s correct. Once you’ve set everything up in Foxy and in Webflow, you can manage your website and products all from within Webfow’s powerful CMS. You can find Webflow related resources here:

No worries on the pricing misunderstanding. We’re working on better communicating it. $20/mo gets you access to all of our features along with unlimited everything (products, transactions, customers, etc.) If you exceed 100 transactions in any given month, there will be a small 0.5% fee for only the transactions that went over.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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