Ecommerce quantity bug makes it 0

I keep on getting this same bug in products and don’t really know where best to report this.

Very frequently I go in to a clients products to amend quantities for product variants, but they’re all set to zero. They’re not supposed to be and multiple refreshes of the page cause them to revert to their original values, so I know this has to be a bug.

It’s just concerning that I may be amending values and could potentially save a zero over a product’s quantity that used to be in stock, but now will appear to not be

Attached both versions of how it looks

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I have the same problem. I keep on getting this bug on all variants (for physical and non-physical products). Only the default stays correct, after saving. After opening a variant and changing the “track inventory” switch all products revert to their original values. If I load the product variant pannel for the first time after logging in and opening the designer, every product variant is set to zero.

Please @webflow, fix that problem :frowning:

I’ve found a workaround which might be useful to you. Once you select a product which has all variants as zero, just select another product and then back again, all the variants should be fixed!