Ecommerce Products panel keeps resetting "More Images" section

Every time I publish the latest product info changes and go back to the products tab, the images in “More Images” disappears. Basically, if I want to update a product description, price, or any minor thing I’m forced to reupload to “More Images” for every variant. Even simply hitting save after adding images and reopening the product info the images will disappear.

Publishing the changes after saving works fine (I can see the images on my site), but If I go back and modify the price and publish again all the images will disappear. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Update: The issue went away after I added custom field to the product to test. Not sure if this reset some issue that was happening before, but the variant “More Image” section is actually saved now.

I’m are having the same issue. After putting a new website live, we adjusted the inventory and now all the images are gone along with the alt text.

Not a good impression when the client has moved from Shopify.