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Ecommerce products - Display quantity remaining?

I was hoping to do class bookings with webflow e-commerce. Then I realised I can’t inventory remaining or class places in my case. Is there a chance of some custom code altering the sku query to display exact quantity. I am going to want to display exact stock in other uses for sure.

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The issue is where does this data exist? If you manually updated the avail qty as an additional Collection field, then you could display it. But with caching on lists, it could be stale quickly.

Even if you used the API remotely, and then used Ajax to fetch the current qty on hand, you are rate limited to the number of API calls (x in y time).

So I don’t think there is a practical solution within wf right now. l would look for something available externally, like eventbrite.


hey Jeff, now that we have Webflow e-commerce and the ability to track inventory, is it now possible to show QTY of remaining inventory next to the ADD TO CART button or something?



Any update on this, please ?