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*Ecommerce* > *Product Variants* > Adding Outbound Links?

Hello webflow family!!

I understand how to create product variants. My question is in regards to adding a custom outbound link which is not included in the product variant.

I am not selling directly through webflow ecommerce,
I am selling through other third party vendors like : Amazon.
I am curious how / if I could add a different link to the same product if that makes sense.
For example, amazon has an item, i create an affiliate link for that item.
Another vendor has that same item. I want to create and link that affiliate link for that vendor and list it as a product variant.
The only variant being its a different vendor with a different link. Maybe price too but that’s easy.

currently i have my collection setup and it works fine. however if i want to add a variant of that product, i have no idea how to create a separate link for it. That is all!

I appreciate any input / help anyone has. Thank you!