Ecommerce - Preselect different variant (Jquery/Js)

Hello Webflow forum :slight_smile:

I am building a product page and I want to be able to change the Preselected variant with a variable (basically : Var = A ==> Preselect Variant A ). I am planning to use UTM to update the variable.
The goal is to have something like this :
*Customer A = Product 1 - Preselect : Variant A *
*Customer B = Product 1 - Preselect : Variant B *

Basic example

I tried to use Jquery & Javascript to change the selected value in the option list but it doesn’t work.
It display the updated selected value but when you add it to cart you still have the preselected variant from Webflow or you have nothing and webflow ask you to choose an option.
I think that all the add to cart / option selected happens in the background with webflow jquery/js variable, but i can’t find it… :sweat_smile:

I hope it’s clear :slight_smile: Thank you !