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Ecommerce Order Information retrieval


I am new to webflow and this community and I’ve heard you guys are the best. I was wondering if I could get any help on how I can access the information in the order history tab (off topic: why does it say new users can’t upload pictures btw). In the link below you can see the image of the order section that I want to retrieve.
Order History

Specifically, I want to get the information in the Purchase Details section and the information in the Shipping details section so that I can send it to and airtable database with a primary key that uses order ID. I am doing this because I’ve recognised that Webflow doesnt have a customer account section (which baffles me that the feature is still in product backlog as we speak) and I want to make a custom free membership account that keeps customer information. Obviously webflow is still so far ahead of the customisable UI and CMS market and its ECommerce is even still very new so I can’t complain too much about them not having implemented this core feature yet.

I am a software developer and I use webflow because its basically a visual way to write code, not that nonsense that other page builders do. I’m saying this because as per my request of getting information on the order details from customer, I wouldn’t mind if someone points me towards documentation or anything to read cos I’m fairly conversant with code so it wouldnt be something I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve looked everywhere and I haven’t seen anything that gives me information on how I can retrieve the information.

Thanks for the help in advance. Fingers crossed

Any help please ? @PixelGeek @WebflowCommunityTeam

Hi! Have you checked out the ecommerce api. You should be able to get it into airtable. I would use integromat but there are other Integration solutions obviously.

Hopefully customer accounts in dev backlog is a serious understatement of progress!