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Ecommerce issue between www. and non www site

Hey everyone,

Got quite a serious issue and I can’t see to find any help so far so if anyone has any ideas I’d be very grateful!

There appears to be discrepancies between the www. and non www site, which occurs when accessing the site through a search engine.

If you visit the site by typing into the url the site appears like normal, with a few of the products appearing as sold out.

However if you then visit the site via google you land onto the page where the e-commerce doesn’t work correctly, it appears to ignore the quantity value and all of the objects appear as in stock, however when you click add to cart they then all appear sold out and do not add to the cart.

Weirdly if you then refresh or click on books to go back to the home page it then redirects you to the correct version.

This appears to be an issue from what I can see with whether you land on www. or not.

I have currently got both the sites published to: as there are issues when selecting either as a the default page.

If I select the non www version then too many redirects occur and the site won’t load at all.

However if I select the www. version then it always shows the issue that I outlined above whereby the eccomerce does not work.

If anyone has any tips I’d be very grateful to hear them!

Hi @rorystiff, thanks for your post, it does not yet appear that the step to set the WWW domain as the default domain is yet made.

Go to the hosting tab of project settings, hover over the www domain in the list of domains and click the “Make Default” button and then Publish your project.

After that, when you publish, all domains will publish at same time automatically.

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave thanks for responding so quickly.

I’ve made that change and the issue still persists.

When I visit the site it throws up these java issues.

and on the site both the purchase button and the sold out button appear (when you click the add to cart button)

What’s weird is that I had not made any published changes to the site in over a week and then this morning the issue just appeared so I’m stuck as to where the issue has occurred.

There’s also a Read-Only link here if you need to have a look at any part of the site to find out more:

Thanks for all your help so far