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Ecommerce Inventory Help

Hello hive mind,

I have built an ecommerce site for a client and I need help providing client with a way to see and manage all their products in an inventory type list.
Is there a way in the client editor to list all the products in the shop in order of quantity, so the client can determine what products are low in stock?
I know there’s the product list, but I can’t seem to filter that in a way that shows quantity of stock.

My client also doesn’t have any way to scroll through the product list as they do not have a scrollable mouse! (that’s a side issue, but if you do know a way to navigate the product list on the client editor without using the mouse scroll I’d love to hear it! )

I can’t seem to find a way that effectively allows the client to manage stock in their shop, any ideas anyone !?

Thanks all

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Micki Schloessingk

You could set up a low stock alert notification. It doesn’t solve the user interface issues but it might help with the stock management part.

Thanks for your reply @Gail_Ranger

I ended up creating a hidden page on the site, under password for the client. Which consists of a table with all the products, with columns denoting SKU number, stock quantity, category etc. So a makeshift inventory page, which provides the client with an overview of all their stock.

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