Ecommerce Inventory Help

Hello hive mind,

I have built an ecommerce site for a client and I need help providing client with a way to see and manage all their products in an inventory type list.
Is there a way in the client editor to list all the products in the shop in order of quantity, so the client can determine what products are low in stock?
I know there’s the product list, but I can’t seem to filter that in a way that shows quantity of stock.

My client also doesn’t have any way to scroll through the product list as they do not have a scrollable mouse! (that’s a side issue, but if you do know a way to navigate the product list on the client editor without using the mouse scroll I’d love to hear it! )

I can’t seem to find a way that effectively allows the client to manage stock in their shop, any ideas anyone !?

Thanks all

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Micki Schloessingk

You could set up a low stock alert notification. It doesn’t solve the user interface issues but it might help with the stock management part.

Thanks for your reply @Gail_Ranger

I ended up creating a hidden page on the site, under password for the client. Which consists of a table with all the products, with columns denoting SKU number, stock quantity, category etc. So a makeshift inventory page, which provides the client with an overview of all their stock.


Hi @Lucym ! I have this exact same problem. Would you be able to show me what you made or how you made it??? In dire need of some help. I’ve been trying to setup a overview of product and quantities on airtable so they can review quantities, edit or create new products but with Webflow’s ecommerce api limits it’s extremely complicated and not very user friendly. Thanks! also, did you do this all in webflow or did you use zap/integromat for anything?