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Ecommerce integration example sites?


Would you be willing to share the read only link so I can take a look?

When you click on a product is that all through shopify as well?


The dynamic embed in webflow will not automatically duplicate when they create a new product in shopify. You must create the new product in shopify, copy the product information and create a new item in the collection using the relative fields. Then it will create the new product page dynamically from that information. You can add helpful hints to dynamic fields to tell your clients where to look for the information or make a simple screencast video for all your clients to follow step by step. was built in Webflow using Shopify “Buy It Now” buttons


This is the read only link -

I’ve created all the products using the Webflow CMS - just the buy it now button is through shopify - so in essence, if i’ve to create a new product, I’ve to create it in Webflow and Shopify. But you can do bulk uploads in Shopify which makes it quick on that end. The gallery takes the longest as I’d to upload each image individually. Hopefully Webflow launches a CMS gallery feature soon. And a table element in the rich text editor!

If you’ve any more questions, just ask.

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Hi Diarmuid. Nice looking website…

Thanks very much - took some time!

Hey everyone! Josh from Foxy here. I just posted an intro and links to Webflow specific tutorials and a free Webflow ecommerce template here. Manage your products without having to leave Webflow. Pretty awesome!

The template itself is a great example of ecommerce integrated right into a Webflow website (and managed by Webflow’s Visual CMS) Also, here is another example:

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, but please ask in the thread mentioned above so this one doesn’t get clogged with Foxy stuff. :slight_smile:

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Nice looking Josh. Do you have how to videos?

Hi @Spindiv_IO. Yes, you can find the free Webflow ecommerce template and a couple of video tutorials here: We’ve got more tutorials/videos planned and are continually adding more features to the free template. Please let us know if there are any tutorials in particular you would like to see. Thanks!

Has anyone been able to pull remaining inventory in from a service like shopify?

@foxy can you system display inventory levels?

Hi @KProServices. Foxy does support inventory functionality, but I don’t think it will be possible to take advantage of it with a Webflow website yet. This is because you can’t communicate back to Webflow and tell it to change inventory count or mark the product as sold out.

That said, using Webflow’s Visual CMS, you could add an option to your product collection to manually mark the product as “sold out”. Not ideal, but would be an easy/quick option. Let us know if you have any other questions.

@foxy Do you support multiple variations of a product? So if I have a product, like a rug for example, and that specific design comes in two different sizes, can I add the product via CMS with the two different options for adding it to the cart? And if so, how would it account for pricing? i.e. Rug 1 is 5x5 $50.00 and Rug 2 is 10x10 $85.00.

Hi @Mikeyjay11. Foxy supports multiple variations along with price, category, weight, and product code modifiers based on the options a customer chooses (customizable products).

You can setup custom options in your Products Collection, but due to some limitations in Webflow’s CMS you would need to have predefined options like Option 1 Name, Option 1 Price, Option 2 Name, Option 2 Price, etc.

You can see a live example here: And here is the Webflow template link:

Let us know if there are any specific examples you would like to see or if you have any questions.


Is there away of doing these options with dropdowns? This solution seems very clunky and means all my products need to show the vacations box when only some products have variations, Are foxy planning on integrating with webflow to solve these problems when the webflow api is released?

Hi @daniel_cleayweb.
Sorry for the late reply. We didn’t get a notification of your comment for some reason. To answer your question, the example I made for @Mikeyjay11 is only one approach. I have instructions on how to setup dropdown variations (with price modifiers) with conditional visibility if variations aren’t available for a product. Mind shooting me an email and I’ll get that info to you:

As far as integrating with Webflow’s API once released, we’ll definitely look into it. We actually offer the technology needed for Webflow to make Foxy ecommerce a native feature. Maybe if enough Webflow users vote on it, it will happen. :slight_smile:



@mwco i know this has been awhile…but i love the loblolly site … i am about to work on an ecommerce site in webflow that include shopify integration using the buy button…i see that you have reviews on your site…i am curious how did you do that with webflow? i read on here that shopify apps (like reviews) can’t be integrated into webflow …

Wellllll… It’s a lot of copy and paste. I wish I had s great response for
you, but it’s just a standard Webflow form, and then the responses are
pasted into the site.

ahhhhh got it … i had a feeling that might have been the case…thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

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