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Ecommerce in the Republic of Ireland


Our client has highlighted to us that on the Webflow Ecommerce platform, when a customer enters their shipping information, the post code for Ireland does not work. Their post code system for the example of Dublin is a number between 1 and 29, so I believe that the post code field has a minimum character limit?

Is there some way this can be changed? We are concerned that they will be losing out on orders because of this.

Here is the read-only link:

Sorry for bumping this, but I haven’t been getting any replies from support and my client is growing more concerned about this. Does anyone have any ideas of what we could do? The post code field seems to be required so I don’t know if it’s possible to hide it?

@DavidFerguson so sorry to hear this. Normally support gets back to people fast. It does depend on whether they need to look into the issue more than usual. I don’t use e-commerce myself so I don’t have extra ideas. I do love the look of the site and the products are super cute :slight_smile: . One unsolicited suggestion while you wait for support to get back to you, I’d take a look at your navigation and see if you can get that to change to a white background once it’s sticky. It looks a bit muddled when you scroll past the text-heavy parts of the homepage

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Hi Sarah, thanks for your reply and your comments! :slight_smile:

That’s a bit of an odd one, on the live site it does actually change to white,! Maybe the read-only link hadn’t updated, but thanks for pointing it out!

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