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Hoping someone can answer this question.

I’m working on a proposal for a Ecommerse site and I know that the client may wish to have a section on their website where customers/users can upload files and send images to the website’s owner (the site is for selling/buying antiques, and the Form File Upload function would facilitate purchasing antiques from other people).

I see Form File Upload is available on the Business Website hosting plan, but I don’t see it listed on any of the Ecommerce plans. Is this feature available before I offer it as a suggestion? And if so, which plan/tier of Ecommerce hosting would it be under?


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Hi Pete! :wave:

You are correct - the Business site/hosting plan does include the form file upload feature.

If you would like to upgrade to an Ecommerce site/hosting plan that also includes the form file upload feature, you would need to choose either the Ecommerce Plus or Advanced plans — both include all features found in the Business site plan.

The image above is a screenshot of our pricing page’s Site plan section, with the Ecommerce tab selected: Plans & pricing | Webflow

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So to use a simple feature as file upload you need to fork over an additional $40/month?

@tonysimprano Hi Jack! If you’d prefer not to use Webflow’s native form file upload feature, you can explore a third party integration, like the one mentioned in this post.