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Ecommerce help getting started

So I have two products, and I need to use webflow ecommerce to sell them. Foxy cart is a nightmare and their checkout UX is so bad I have huge drop off with my current set up.

I really love webflow but this is driving me crazy.

Both of my products are simple, subcription based digital products. I have them displaying as two colums, with side by side comparison.

I literally just want to facilitate the purchasing of these two products, and to display the price and name. However, when I try and drop on a collection list or do any styling the order gets messed up and any changes I make on one item seem to be applied to the other.

Does anyone have any decent idea on how to create a basic setup like this in ecommerce, webflow support is none existent so far.

Hi Sam, Can you provide your Read Only link?

here you go dude :slight_smile:

The mess on the pricing page is me trying to figure this out :smiley:

Okay, so you you want the top columns to look like the bottom ones using a collection list?

Yes - I want the same content, and styling as the bottom columns however with the get started buttons to be actionable links that take the buyer to checkout if that makes sense?

Can you try swapping the buttons from traditional buttons to “Add to Cart” buttons?

Yeah I’ve tried. But I can’t add custom fields to products eg for the decription fields, and when I edit the details of one column it automatically updates the other. I also can’t order the columns to show the cheaper option on the left hand side. General frustration.

Have you tried making each plan in a unique product collection and displaying them as one instead 1 collection with 2? That way they’re pulling from unique collection data and you can move them in whichever column you want. Does that make sense?

Yeah it doesn’t work for me. The way product collections and CMS collections work seems to be different. It just drags both collections into the collection list, no way to have one category in each column that I can see

Hello mate. I accept the challenge. Except there isn’t one by the looks of it. Have you solved it?

No don’t think I have :’(

What do you need doing? I’ll (try and) do it and make a video so you can see it.

Ok ok ok you want the current price design BUT in a collection list?