Ecommerce Functionality // Uploading & Preview

Hello Amazing Community,

Recently I’ve stumbled upon the website and I must say this is an amazing site with mind blowing functionality.
Would not have guessed that building sites like these was even possible in Webflow.

I have a client that wants a similar ecommerce store directed for printing customs posters.
As I am not that experienced I could not find how these guys have implemented some functions.

The main functions I would want to replicate are as follows:

  • Uploading and adjusting the file on the order page. (What plug-in or framework is used?)
  • View adjusting according to selection on the left panel.

Already took a look with but could not figure out what they were using.
Would be amazing to create something like this and to believe it is even possible in webflow.

Thanks in advance for taken time and effort people!



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