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Ecommerce for Hotel Bookings?

Is it possible to have use Ecommerce for Hotel Bookings?

I think you could if you went with a combination of something like Webflow, Zapier, and Airtable. It’d be a good amount of manual work within Airtable but I think it could be done.

I’m considering taking some time to put together a WF/Zap/AT instructional video. Just need to, you know, get some time…

@Cricitem Just curious. Do you have reasons or benefits of using Airtable vs Google Sheets?

I suppose I don’t, to be honest. Airtable’s free account and Google Sheets are essentially the same, without thinking about it too hard. Although Airtable does give you the ability to store attachments within records, where with Google Sheets I believe you would need to tie together different services.

I think that one thing does differentiate them enough to justify going with Airtable for something like this. Once you get into a paid Airtable account, though, the difference is night and day regarding the automation functions within Airtable itself.


Cool. Thanks for the info @Cricitem. The paid air table account has been tempting.

Hi @Grant1

I have been building booking systems in the tourist industry for many years. For the last 2 years i have been using Webflow and i love its a fantastic tool.

My question to you is what kind of hotel booking do you want to build! There are so many things to concider, here is a few. Online booking, reception booking, check- in and out, payment with credit card , invoice, cleaning list, check-in list, departure list, season prices, block periods, campains, room definitions, cutomer Ledger and much more…

I would love to do this in Webflow, but im not sure its the right tool. Pls convince me it is!

How do you think, what would you like to do?