Ecommerce Emails translation


Is there a way to translate new checkout fields in ecommerce emails?
I mean “Telephone”, “Notes” and “send us gift”.

Hi rzachara,

I have the same issue. Did you get a reply anywhere or an idea to solve it?

Best regards!

unfortunately - not yet :frowning:

The Webflow support wrote to me:

“This info is being pulled from the [additional info element] ( on the checkout page, once those fields are named appropriately then it should come through appropriately through the email receipt.”

Just to have this thread completed with a ‘solution for dummies’ (like myself :relaxed: ) that might spare someone some brain racking…

The trick here is to assign each element with the required name in the Element Settings tab, namely the Textfield settings, Textarea settings and the Checkbox settings.

Especially the last one is a bit tricky because - quite logically, yet somewhat unintuitively - you must select the tiny checkbox (rather than its label or the whole ‘Checkbox Field’ wrapper) to be able to edit its settings.

The NAME value is what appears in all the email confirmations - so you have indeed a full control, just as Weblow say :slight_smile: