Ecommerce email + CMS

Hello! My client sells seats to an online event. This event happens every two months. So every two months she wants to add/modify that event with the new date through the CMS as an editor. Is it possible to add a Zoom link to the purchase confirmation email through the CMS?

Are you using Webflow ECommerce? If so, you could achieve this as follows;

  • Store the events as Products, not in the “general” CMS
  • Make them Digital Products so that you get a download
  • Have your zoom link inside of a nice looking “event ticket” PDF. You can setup a Google Doc for this to make it easy.

Your digital download would point directly to the Google Doc url with an export type of PDF. That way when an order is placed, they get the current version of that Doc, with the current zoom link and any other updated details there.

  • Edit the PDF every 2 months, paste in the new zoom link.

They wouldn’t even need to edit the CMS for this change. There are other fancier ways to do this but this approach is reliable, easy to implement and adds zero cost or complexity.

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Fantastic! That’s what I need. Thanks Michael!