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Ecommerce: Different custom fields for different categories?

Hi yall!

is there currently a way to set up different custom fields for different product categories in the ecommerce beta? for example: I want to sell tea and tea ware. the custom fields that I want to set for my tea products (green tea, black tea, etc) are different than what I want to set for my tea ware(ceramic, metal, etc)

Also trying to find a good way in general to categorize and subcategorize products. Have been looking at some webflow ecommerce templates but haven’t found one I liked. If someone can point me in the right direction! :smiley:

Seems like there should be a way to set sub categories under general categories and conditionally link them to products/have certain fields show up based on categories and subcategories. For example, ideally under my “tea” category, I can already set “green, black, white” tea subcategories, and reference both with each product.

Yeah I am wondering about this too. I wish ecommerce was bound to any collection, not just products… or add new product collections? Maybe there is a smarter way to use CMS collections here?

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I think I might have seen somewhere that you guys are actually working on ecommerce subcategories. But a confirmation and perhaps a tentative release date would be extremely useful.

Until then, any suggestion of a workaround would be greatly appreciated

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