Ecommerce - demo shops? And presales questions

Hello. Very disappointed by Shopify and WooCommerce, we’re evaluating options. The ‘ecommerce’ that comes with SquareSpace or Wix etc is toy stuff for people with simpeton 20 products or so. Webflow was recommended.

We are a three language fashion brand, so need some of the core commerce functionality:

  1. Easy to enter product info in three languages. In Shopify this is basically impossible and needs “apps”. It’s a stupid disjointed experience to run multiple languages (and Custom Fields needs another app…not to mention the “Liquid” painful theming). In Wordpress it need PolyLang, which is nice, but also needs ACF for custom fields, apart from WooCommerce. All this adds up quickly in cost and complexity.

  2. We need product variations - each apparel or bag etc may have colors / prints. We’d like easy ways to upload imagery of variations, and have variation names in each language. On the frontend, these variations should become easily accessible as thumbnails of the pics themselves, tied to color swatches. For example seen here.

  3. Auto geolocation based set up for currency and language. Shopify’s “Geolocation” app works well. WooCommerce works less well, especially when WP Rocket caching is enabled.

  4. Performance is key, as it control of theme. I’d like to use for full control of theme if possible. Otherwise webflow’s tools/themes, but these need to be heavily pagespeed optimized.

  5. Checkout experience has to be stellar. This, Shopify has nailed. Wordpress is clunky, especially in Account Management for users, to see past orders, write to support, track orders, etc.

  6. Some nice to have functionality like MailChimp integration and Wishlists…

So question: where can I check if this is possible? Where are the sample clients, ideally with a global multilingual client base…showcasing auto geo-location based selection of language/currency, but also manual switching and then memory of the same… and account creation, wishlists, etc? The ecommerce page of Webflow doesn’t showcase anything.

Welcome any pointers. Thanks!