Ecommerce Customer Portal Question

Hi All,

I’m sure many have asked this before me however I’d like some feedback or possible solutions to what I’m trying to achieve without exporting the code and having to go manual, but here goes…

So I’ve followed a number of tutorials and reads regarding a registration (Sign Up) page and a Login page for members, this would be linked to memberstack and in turn to zapier topping it off with airtable to build a database.

I’ve built an ecommerce page and successfully built this function allowing functionality to the shop for members only, I was wondering whether it would be possible to create an ‘add to wishlist’ button which works in the same way as the login but now adds the product ID to their cart and profile to be remembered as can be seen on shopcart or shopify. Can this be achieved? A members only visible ‘add to wishlist’ button which adds items to the cart for the future be added? This in turn would mean that each user has their own profile page with a saved record of items for purchase held for an x amount of hours?

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I would make the ‘add to wishlist’ button visible to everyone but work only for registered users. Thus you’ll get more intuitive and familiar UI / UX. Customer portal must be first of all intuitive. You can check my guidance on creating customer self-service portal, it contains lots of useful tips.