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Ecommerce CSV Import Error

Hello! I’m running into an issue when trying to transfer about 150 products from a wordpress site. The CSV is properly formatted to the webflow template, but I keep running into this error message when I try to upload.

Here is the error message

And here are the attached file contents

Please help, I’m trying to trasfer this data for my client without manually inputing.

Thank you,

Hi @marycarnes, Welcome to the Forum.
I don’t have experience with the e-commerce cms. But I think it works the same way (for the csv import) as the normal cms.

I have one idea to try. You could create one sample product in the e-commerce tab and export it via csv. Then I would compare the two csv files (the data structure) of the webflow exported and wordpress exported. Maybe you can find something by comparing…

You can also upload both csv files (please only with one product for simplicity) and I can look over it.