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Ecommerce: collection list filters

When I’m on a product page and want to show beneath related products that are in the same category
which filter should I use?
I’m used from CMS that showing related blogs (thumbnails)from the same category beneath a blog page, there’s a filter called “Blog Category (reference) - Equals - Blog category of current blog

Where is this option in ecommerce collection list filters?

Hey @Eli11

You’re right. The option is missing.

Here’s the filter working in a Product collection list on the Category template page.

Here the filter is not available in a Product collection list on the Product template page.

I’m going to move this topic to the Bugs category. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Thank you Matthew.
Hopefully this can be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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I’d like to add that the “Quantity” field is not visible in the product collection list filters either. Should be able to only show products with qty > 0.

For the attention of @kkilat. Also a “Shippable” filter switch is available even though that is not an option per product. Seems to be an option to enable digital products that shouldn’t be visible yet.

Also unable to sort a product collection list by Category.

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