Ecommerce Category additional image unavailable

This is likely a fringe request, but it seems doable.

On product pages, I wanted an additional image field for each of the Ecommerce Categories (special collection). …Hopefully usable via the Element Settings sidebar.

I wanted an icon as well as an image for each Category. So I went and added another field to the Category “collection”.
Then I tried to call the image via the sidebar on a Product template. But it’s not available.


So, I added another Reference Field called “Seamless” that connected to the Categories via the Product Settings.

This works:

…but to do it, I would need to set the Category reference on every Product twice?

Possible Solution

Expand the hookable images in the Element Settings sidebar to include additional Fields added to the default reference collection for Products: Categories.

It’s likely that the special collection in Ecommerce called Categories is a VIP collection, or just cordoned off with velvet ropes. So if this is not fixable, I understand that.


I realize that a way to get this to work is by putting in a collection list and pulling in the image that way, and that what I was describing is not possible simply because Categories for Ecommerce is a multi-reference field.