Ecommerce Affiliate Codes & Login

I’m creating an e-commerce website in Webflow for a company selling different kinds of food products.

I’m hoping to achieve the following functionality, I think it can be achieved with a combination of Monto Affiliate and Memberstack, but I am wondering if there are simpler solutions to this.

Here’s what I’d like to achieve:

Affiliate Codes:

  1. Create content creator discount codes
  2. Keep track of which sales are associated with which content creator code
  3. If possible, I’d like to be able to create a link, e.g. - which will take the user to the purchase page, with the discount code applied

Login System:

  1. Possibly “magic sign in links” or email recognition (so that users do not have to enter a password)
  2. Failing the above, a traditional login system with the option for a guest layout
  3. The possibility to create a recurring membership style purchase in the future.

Has anybody had any experience with this kind of thing before, and what would your recommendation be?

Hi @Jack_Hayward.
Josh with Foxy here. Face value, what you’re after is possible with our seamless Webflow integration, without the need for Monto or Memberstack:

Happy to discuss your needs in more detail. Feel free to email us:


Thanks, Josh! I have sent you an email.

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Hi @Jack_Hayward.
Got your email. Thank you! Just replied.