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Ecommerce: adding a new category removed main image

Hey @kkilat and team,

Ran into some bugs when adding categories to some products (imported via svg)

Here you can see the product info and main image prior to adding a new category.

Here you can see products pre-populated for the new category. These were products added to a different category via a different product.

Here is the new category with the name and products filled in prior to clicking the Create button.

Here is the product info and the missing main image after successfully creating the new category.

Not desiring to upload the image again, I clicked the Cancel button. Then going back into the product details, I see that the main image and the new category are both there.

Not sure what happened to make the main image appear and disappear as shown above. Was it actually removed from the product or just became temporarily unseen by the product field?

Hope these details are helpful. I can share a read-only link if need be.

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