Easy way to custom order CMS items?

Is there an easy way to create a custom order for CMS items?

Loom video explaining my issue

Right now I have an order property that is just a number field. I set the order of my CMS list to be according to that field in ascending order.
However, every time I have to slot someone in, I also have to increase every other item’s number. E.g. I already have a number 3 item, but now I want to put a new item as number 3. The first item has to be moved up to number 4, and every other item has to be moved up +1.

Here is my public share link, take a look at the “Team Members” collection: LINK

Use 0-100 instead and park items at 0, 10, 20, 21, 22, 30 etc. If you needed more in the middle you could do 0-1000.

Thanks Jeff, I was thinking of doing this with decimal points, but I can see this getting a little crazy after a few iterations.
I.e. my team order shuffles around 5-6 times and now I forget whose number is what and I’m having to put someone between 23 and 24 and now I have to change everyone to a 1,000 system.

I appreciate your suggestion, I will implement it, but it’s definitely not a long term solution

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Hey @peej did you find a better solution? I’ve got a client who needs this, and they’re going to be super excited by this solution!!