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Easy way for product detail fields to be specific to category?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been trying to figure out something that seems pretty simple but that I can’t quite figure out in a simple way with webflow ecommerce…

I’d like Product details to be specific to a category.
For instance food would have nutritional info whereas cosmetics would have ingredients and testing info.

Any ideas on how can I have 4 types of product details depending on product category ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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So I have posts with 2 descriptions each, and linked to a category collection with 2 categories:

And in my template here’s one item with title and the 2 descriptions:

Now I’m using this filter on the block containing each description with its title:

So I bind each block to the rule 'show if cat name is “Category n”. One rule for each block.

And here it is in action, only the block with the rule that’s true is shown:

Does this help?

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for this option, but I’m looking for the opposite logic :slight_smile:

You’re proposing having a product with maybe 20 fields, with 10 if category A and 10 if category B and hiding to the user those irrelevant. I want products of category A to have different fields than products of category B (in the database and visible to the user)

For the back office to be clean I don’t want unused fields that are hidden to the user if empty. And It can quickly be a problem with the field limit (for food the nutritional table can be long and use many fields that you wouldn’t need for a household item > therefore limiting the fields available unnecessarily)

I think the problem is the same as people wishing for nested collections… But I was wondering if there wasn’t a nice workaround.