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Easy to integrate Third Party CMS or Database for Self-hosted Websites

Hey Everyone,

Hope you doing well. I’ve building things with Webflow for long time. And I love how easy and fast it is to create things for designer.

But I’m keep hitting the two different problems again and again.

  1. I want to create user generated content site such as indie hackers, reddit etc. But at the same time I wanted to host the site on AWS.
  2. Second one is, every-time I work with a client they need a some sort of CMS but they don’t want to host their websites at Webflow.

So, most of the headless CMS’s are hard to integrate. And there is no way to create complex actions. I though there must be an easier way to do this.

For instance, you can collect form submission with might-forms, form-data or basin by simply adding webhooks to action input at the form.

Do you guys have any suggestions?