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Easing on scroll / scroll hijack

I’m currently stuck on making my website scroll slower. I’ve followed a few tutorials i found on webflow but it doesn’t work (prob because i’m doing something wrong).
Could someone maybe help me out on this one?


I know this is not what you’re asking, but you really shouldn’t be scroll-jacking like that, bad UX.

“ Messing with someone’s scrolling is similar to driving your car, pressing the horn but instead of honking, you wipers switch one. Not only is this disjointing and frustrating for users, it can also feel too invasive. The idea of an outside source messing around with how your page and mouse works, as though the designer or website owners know best, isn’t something many people aren’t going to be happy about…” — Discovery Design (

Hi Jhiggins, thanks for the reply. Yes i’ve also read it’s not really UX friendly but i’ve seen a couple of sites where it is used, and when used right I think it makes the website so much more better.
Here are a few examples. :slight_smile: