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Easily Translate your Webflow Website with Bablic - Localizing Webflow

Hi everyone,

I represent, a localization startup. We get lots of requests about if Bablic works with Webflow, how to integrate, how to localize properly on Webflow and so on so I decided to put together a straightforward tutorial for how to localize webflow websites.

You can find it here:

We’re also a relatively young company and any feedback is appreciated.

Basically Bablic lets you translate your Webflow website within minutes. Choose from machine translation or professional human translation right from our editor. The amazing thing about Bablic is how user friendly it is, you can start off with machine translation and then manually edit things like text, images and even CSS/style in order to make sure your website’s look and feel is consistent in every language.

Get in touch with me directly if you need any help,

Looking forward to hearing back from the community,

Thanks in advance
Laurent Sabbah

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Hi Laurent. I’m always skeptical when someone creates an account only to advertise his service on a forum. It usually goes against the rules, or the general forum etiquette on the web.

However, your blog post really targets Webflow and is interesting. On top of that, website localization is hard, complex, a nightmare to maintain, so if your solution is as simple as you say it is, it’s very good news.

When it is said “automatic translation”, is it only fully automatic or can you manually enter your own translations?

Edit: answered my own question :slight_smile:

For me as a user, a blogpost as you mention on your website is a nice start.

Getting some sort of benefit from being a webflow user, such as a 50% discount or a first year for free, I would be more willing to try the service.

And if you could provide examples of websites/users that have translated their webflow website with Bablic, that would be king.


Hey Vincent! I myself am skeptical just like you. The only reason I did go ahead and do this (post about a service I’m involved with on a new account) is simply because I know Bablic is quality, I know it’s something which is user-friendly and I know it can be the solution to many problems trusted users in this community run into.

On top of that, we do have a FREE plan, it isn’t a free trial or a limited time offer, it’s a completely free plan with restricted features.

I also am giving people here the opportunity to try it and get hands on support from me and my team in order to help them with any issues they have.

I’m not here to sell, I’m here to educate about a localization solution that can help everyone here run into less issues and problems when trying to translate their Webflow websites, and I hope that is ok :smile:

In terms of your question, yes, you can manually enter your own translation! Even better, you can manually replace images, and now the best part, you can manually edit css/style in order not to break the layout of your site. For example, some words in French are longer than in English and in many cases simply translating those words will break your menu or layout, but not with Bablic. With Bablic you can edit the css or each translated language in order to make sure the whole website’s look and feel is consistent, no matter the language!

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Diu!

First off thank you for taking the time to post.

In terms of discounts and so on, we have a completely free plan, it isn’t a free trial or anything like that. It’s just a limited free version of Bablic which you can definitely test out.

We just put out the guide for Webflow so don’t have much users/websites to show you, but you can take a look at which I put together quickly…it’s the basic Metric template with a French version…

If there’s anything else reach out to me and I’ll do my best!

Thank you for answering.

Regarding the plans, and if it works, under 200 a year seems OK to me because I’ve been working with many localization solutions and they all involved a lot of work and maintenance work.

How about meta description and SEO bits of info, and URLs? Does Bablic have a solution for that?

Yes, meta description and title tags are easily editable through our editor. SEO bits and URLs and so on we do have solutions but they vary on a case per case basis and it requires more of a hands-on approach from us and our developers depending on what the client is trying to accomplish, keep in mind, we don’t charge for that :wink:

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Thanks for the Sundays’ answers. I will give it a try. Now off to the beach!


HI, can you explain how can I access and edit my Meta tags in Bablic?



Sure, in the editor simply click on Options (top right) and then Edit Page Meta. You should then see the title tag, click on the right arrow to keep going for meta description.

Let me know if you need anything else, you can also reach me directly at

Thanks again for using Bablic!

Looks like the Bablic team has updated their product. If you’re looking for a way to translate/localize your site, check them out: