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Ease with Drop Down Widget

Please can anyone point to how to apply ease effect to dropdown within webflow or via code. Thanks

Will appreciate if someone helps with this.

hi, you have a few insisting questions on this forum but not once I’ve seen you try something and share a link for help. I’ve answered things to you that you could have found by yourself by searching on the forum, and try by yourself with tutorials. I explained the way to do it precisely, yet the answer was “can you share”. You may at least try.

The other way is to ask for hire someone skilled, if you don’t want to do it by yourself. This is a forum with help from users, mainly, not a paid help desk. It’s only my opinion, I’m only a user. There are ways to make people want to help you.

Vincent, I quite see your point. But I have contributed to the forum in my little way. I do try a lot of things myself when I don’t get a response and I have asked questions that have helped others through solutions provided by others.