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Eager Image Load on exported site?

Hello everyone!

Quick question:

Does the “eager option”, so that images load with the page instead of when they are scrolled to, work with exported sites?

Otherwise I have to implement another “image-loading-with-the-page”-script.

Thanks in advance!

Is it possible to apply the Eager-option to all images at once?

It’s kinda frustrating to do it for every single one. I have the same image multiple times across my Website and I think if I load only one at the beginning, all the instances will load. But it can happen pretty easily to forget one single image…

Native Lazy loading is a browser feature, not a Webflow specific one, and yes, it works on exported sites. There is no reason to load everything in eager mode. The eager option should be used for assets that need to be visible as fast as possible, like your logo, a hero image, etc…

Thank you but may i show you an example why i want to have these specific images loaded from the beginning:

If you click through the form, you can see the images load after pressing a button.
That makes it look not good to me.

I agree there a re many instances where lazy loading doesn’t make sense when animations and interactions are involved. I’d love to have a default switch for all images on the site as well. For now there is none.

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Yes exactly. In animations and interactions it should be loaded or atleast when the interaction trigger is in view that it loads then. I know it would be very complicated technically because of display:none type of stuff. These aren’t meant to be loaded from the beginning I guess.