E-Shop One page only

Hello everyone one,

I’ve been through multiple tutorials since more than a week than and still being stuck on few issues on my project.
Quickly, it would be a car company website + eshop on it, particularity of this one, the website design is based on video game. The Eshop section is supposed to be one and only page. A top menu with category that change items on the screen.

My problems are :

  • Everytime i click on the category menu (magasin), it leads me to another page, the category page… (i’d like to have everything on one page).

  • The main image that appears in a slider (big one) is related to the smalls ones in the products menu. Here i would like to link the small picture to the big slider so it display the content that i choose which would be related to the product.

Here is two screenshoot of the website at the moment

Hey @studiojeromecouderc :wave:!

Could you share your Webflow read only link so we could take a look? Thanks!


here is the link, the website is looking messy on wider screen than 1200px

Hey @studiojeromecouderc :wave:

It looks like you shared your staging link not your read only link! The read only link will give us access to your webflow designer so we can see your settings and such without making changes on your end. I know it can be confusing!

On Read only link checkout the following section:

Share a read-only link
If you’d like to share your project on the Webflow forum or with a colleague, you’ll probably want to protect your work by sharing a read-only link.

From the sharing menu in the top right (to the left of Publish), toggle the Share read-only link to on. Now you can copy the link and share it wherever you like.

Let me know if you have any questions!