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I must isolate each line in the ‘product’ date capture from e-commerce orders. I tried varous text formatter and line parse settings etc.

For example, I simply want to pull ‘productName’ out of the string.

I have an excel formula that works, and tried Spreadsheet/Exccel style parsing, but that doesnt work.

I’m not compitent in Python strings, but have ussed spreadsheet style for years and am good with that.

There are some invisible META characters and unable to convert linebreaks into a single string so that find (“{labelName}”,{productSString}} is correct

You would probably need to resort to Regular Expressions which are support in MS Excel via MS VBScript Regular Expressions.

Most all REGEX patterns across platforms are pretty similar. Zapier uses the Python implementation. If you are struggling with extraction why not post a gig on a freelance workplace?