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E-commerce variant images alt text - PRO TIP (HEAD'S UP)

OK, this is probably more “common sense tip” than “pro tip”, but I was caught napping and wanted to share this, so others like me don’t make the same mistake…

When adding more images under Media for your Products in e-Commerce, add the Alt Text to those images BEFORE, I repeat BEFORE you create variants (sizes, colours etc.). This way the alt text is set for those images under each variant.
If you create variants first, without adding alt-text, you’ll end up having to add the alt-text one by one. To hundreds of images!

OK, I’m off to finish adding the alt-text… only 120 images to go…


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Great tip @Ozalcin. Thank you for sharing.

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Export the CSV, add the alt text to the relevant field (you can use an expression for the variants). Import the new CSV. Save yourself hours. Best wishes.

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Thanks Sam!

I’ve done half manually. Lifesaver!


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You’re welcome, Webflow could do with some workflow university content.

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