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E-commerce template to CMS

I have a client that needs a quick job so we’re using a template. The client doesn’t want E-commerce but we want to use the template as a CMS page. Is there a possibility to copy/paste the e-commerce design into a CMS page or make the e-commerce design work only for CMS?

Hey @edurigo

It is possible to use an Ecommerce template for a site with only CMS hosting. Moving the content of a template page is possible by copying the elements and then pasting them on the other template page. Before doing so, you’ll need to disconnect any elements on the page that are bound to the template.

To identify the connected elements, look in the Navigator and identify them by the color or icon. Go to the element settings and disconnect any content, settings, filters, or conditions.

After that you’ll be able to copy any elements or the whole page (first place all elements in a div for easy copying). Then go to the other page and paste. Now you can go about connecting the pasted elements to the CMS as needed.

Hope this helps.

Note: It's not possible to remove the Ecommerce module from the Designer, but as long as checkout is disable, you'll be able to select a CMS only plan for hosting.

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Thank you so much. This works. You’re awesome

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