E-commerce select field style

hello dear webflow community,
i’m new to webflow and am trying to set up a fashion store. At the moment I’m trying to style the selection field on the product page.

I found a site that put in a wonderful solution for choosing the color of clothes. I would like to implement this solution in exactly the same way.
They have a selector button which when pressed opens a popup window with a slider to select the color and displaying thumbnails of the color. With a confirmation button, the pop-up window closes again and the color is displayed in the original selection button.

In the future I would like to convert the shop to Shopify via udesly. So it would be great if the CMS had functions for this and, for example, the images were automatically selected and displayed.

Maybe it’s all too much and not feasible at all - I have no idea. However, I would like to thank you for any advice you can give me. :heart:

Thanks a lot