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E-commerce questions (pricing & alternative)


I’m considering Webflow, but I’m not sure about using the e-commerce plan.

First of all, I have two projects. The first one is my portfolio which I want to sell print photography, calendars or photography albums. I’m not really sure if the e-commerce plan worths the price since Webflow already take 2% and I will not sell hundreds of items… maybe 10… I know Foxy is less expensive, but is there free alternative to create e-commerce in Webflow?

Second project is a travel website a bit like Viator, but with curated list of activities and some custom trips and hotels booking. However, I don’t know if Webflow can connect to some API to make booking on my site showing as booking on all other websites and hotels?

Maybe WordPress is better in the travel booking category?

Thank you very much

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