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E-commerce prototype built from scratch

Hi guys!!! I built from scratch this non-functional e-commerce prototype . Your feedback is welcome.



Beautiful design @Hyaad :slight_smile: I think the parallax particle elements are a little distracting as you also have a video background in the hero section, want to keep folks attention on the main call out on the page. But otherwise this site is a beaut! :smiley:

May I ask how you did the particle animation :D?

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I think so too lol. tnx man!

I used some custom code that I found on

Very nice design, awesome work!

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Any luck on getting the login/register page working with webflow? What do you plan on using to make it happen? Im currently researching this in webflow to see if it’s possible.

@soulhar Awhile back I did a job that needed this and i used SentryLogin
its just a code that you copy and paste, for example, copy and paste the code they give you on the page you want protected, its not the most “secure” way of doing it but it worked for my case