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E-commerce In-Store Pickup Workaround

I am currently building a website for a local restaurant. They want to do online orders for takeout. I was running into an issue with the Checkout Page where it required a shipping address. In this case, a shipping address was not needed, only the Billing Address. In order to resolve this, in the settings for the Billing Address same as Shipping toggle, I selected to hide the Billing Address. This sets the checkbox for “same as” to checked, and hides the Billing Address fields, as they are not needed

Then, I set the checkbox to display none, hiding it. Following that, I simply changed the title for Shipping Address to Billing Address, since both will be the same at this point. Then, I just organized the remaining blocks how it would work best for my client.

Has anyone else experienced this, or are there any potential issues with my workaround until the full version of e-commerce gets published?

EDIT: I also added to the shipping zone a Flat-Rate shipping type with the cost of Free and named it In-Store Pickup.


@line77 That sounds like a good plan. I’d like to hear how it goes when testing it live.

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@line77 sounds like a reasonable workaround - how did it work for you? @webflow should add this as a core feature as ‘In-Store Pickup’ is a very common E-Commerce feature.