E-commerce: How many months is "Almost"?


According to https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q4tS_WMLIcKUla7mcSxHq1caFdethPOC-U0A5BxIYtk/edit?usp=sharing, the average ship time of wishlist items is approximately 283 days.

E-commerce (wishlist item) IS very difficult and challenging to get right, therefore I estimate that the initial Release will fall into or even exceed the tail-end (~589 days) of the range (20 - 589 days), and Planned/Future will follow after that.

Another interesting observation from the list is that there is NO correlation between number of votes and time to ship.


Thanks for the info.

I’m hoping I’d be soon.

Interesting Google Sheets File.


I guess there will never be


But here’s the best Tech Computer

Documentary I’ve ever seen

Since I mentioned Zero-Days




Is this available or a teaser ad ?

Looks like the Grid is out… Im still trying to figure out how to use it
on a few existing sites. Hope Coming Soon eCommerce is Soon.

Might want to check this out next week: Demo workshop: Webflow Ecommerce beta - YouTube

I signed up yesterday.


Neither of these links are good.

The first question that someone

Posted was Guess What?

When is the Release Date?


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That’s because it’s an upcoming workshop, so stay tuned.


I’m Ready, Set, Go !