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E Commerce Demo - questions

Yesterday most of us watched the live demo for the WF e commerce, it looks really promising and nice, but I hope that these points will be taken into consideration when launching:
1- Payment Gateways:
There are some good payment gateways like Authorize, Paypal and Stripe, but some of these are not supported or preferred in some certain countries, Like in Northern Europe, as I live in Norway, I hope to consider adding Klarna Payment Integration which is very preferred in Scandinavia. Klarna is a complete payment solution with checkout and payment gateway, it allows client to choose between paying directly by bank cards or by Invoices after making a credit check online, then clients can pay later by invoice or installed payments.

2- Shipping Companies:
I hope to see companies like Post Nord which is very popular in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, also Bring in Norway is very popular.

3- How about shipping calculation method in the coming solution in WF?

4- Will it be possible to have a CMS Submit forms that can take some data from the selected product automatically? Then the client can fill his contact data to ask for one certain product he is checking online without the need to type the Product code manually for example…

5- I suppose that we will be able to add any field to the cart and checkout to show all desired product details while adding to cart of proceeding to checkout

6- Will it be possible to have a log in that lets the client to save his payment info for next time buying from the website?

7- VERY IMPORATANT: will the checkout have the option to let the client agree the terms and conditions before fulfilling the purchase?

8- Any possibility to let client add feedbacks or comments under each product or to evaluate it!

9- How about discounts coupons? will discounting gonna be manual editing or it could have some dynamic facilities to add it to certain products or categories…?

10- Will it be able to limit the quantity to be added to cart? limit the options of country selections from a list? like if my company sells only in Norway for example and I don’t want the client to see any other option except it…

I hope that the coming E commerce function will be as good as its look and design :slight_smile:

Excited to see the launching soon