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E-commerce categories and sub-categories in side bar nav


I am trying to create an e-commerce side bar-nav with 3 step categories in this side nav.
1)Created Products and Categories pages in e-commerce templates
2)Created 1.sub-category and 2.nd sub-category page templates in CMS pages
3)linked with reference and multi-reference links all content,
4)created breadcrumbs-and these works Great, but (thank you @ matthewpmunger
5) I created the side menu categories with nested cms lists. With 2 lists for 2 categories (main category and 1.sub-category) ir works great, but when i am trying to add the 2.nd sub-category with a txt-link to the cms item ,it does not show the name of the 2.nd sub-category, but link of it dissapears - like it is not connected with the content. Can you, please, suggest me the best way to solve this problem?

The result would be-to see the bread-crumbs and also all categories and sub-categories visible and usable in the page.

At the moment I miss just the solution for adding the 2.nd sub-category in under the 1.sub-category links in the left-nav.

Read only-link-Webflow - www.bitesspēks/

Thank you in advance,

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