E-com variants change category and description

Hi all,

I am making a website for a client who sells healthy meals.
The products (meals) are divided into different categories (original, low-carb, vegetarian,…).

A different variant of a product should be in a different category. (pasta chicken original, pasta chicken low-carb, …)

For now, I don’t see the option within the variants to change the category. Anyone ran into this issue already or does anyone know a workaround? :crossed_fingers:

Thanks already to help me figure this out!

You have to consider them as different products instead of different variants

Thanks for the quick response!

That could be a solution but it would mean that they have to put in every product multiple times and if something changes, they should manually change it everywhere… Not ideal. :confused:

You don’t have any other solution, you can’t add custom fields for variants, the fields for each variant are fixed and each variant inherits from the same products. If you need different data, you must have different products

Okay, thanks @pietrofalco!

I was afraid that would be the case but I am going to do some research for options outside of webflow but I’ll probably have to make it work like that.

Thanks for confirm! :+1: