Dynamically update links in CMS

I’m currently building a site for a client that will be using a transferred domain name. For build/testing purposes, all links on the site began with “.webflow.io" as opposed to ".com” This worked well, however, as projects scale, it becomes tedious to change hundreds of links while preparing for a launch. It would be cool to have them dynamically linked much like with static pages. Otherwise, having the ability to set some rule where “[_____]/something” could be a parameter and anything within the parameter could be dynamically changed to update all links.

If anyone has an easy workaround for this, or if I’m going about this the wrong way, I’m open to all suggestions :slight_smile:

You need to define the using relative URL ‘slugs’ like “/products/item” in the CMS, then build the pages to use the relative links instead of hardcoding the links. Keep in mind that you have collection pages for each CMS collection, regardless of your domain, your collections live in relative sub-domains. Your “Fruit” collection lives at “site.webflow.io**/fruit**” or at “site.com**/fruit**”, it doesn’t matter what the root domain is.

In fact, if you find that you’ll continue to support this client, you’ll want to keep the “.webflow.io” deployment working even if you run a live deployment at another domain. Webflow lets you synchronize between the two. When I’m working on my site, I publish to complicatedreality.webflow.io" and test functionality. When I get it working, I publish it to “complicatedreality.com”. This way my end users don’t get exposed to my dust while I implement changes. I certianly don’t want to manually update all my URLs every time I change where I’m publishing to, so I don’t build hardcoded links anywhere I can avoid it.