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Dynamically switching tabs (Carousel)

Hi, me again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way of styling 3 tabs so that when the current tab (labelled order as FIRST) is no longer the current tab is goes into some sort of queue and is last. I have 3 tabs.

Currently when the current tab is deselected the tab that is clicked on replaces it. If I keep clicking the second tab in the list (left to right) or (top to bottom) only the first and second tab swap with each other.

The goal is to make tab 1 (current) become tab 3 (last) when it’s deselected. Like a carousel.

You can see on my mobile breakpoint that the current tab is hidden. Again when the top tab is selected only those two items swap with each other leaving the 3/last tab to remain static and never come up in second.

Is this possible?

I can possibly elaborate more if my intentions are not understood.


*it’s worth noting that the colours in each tab represent content yet to be made.