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Dynamically serving image sizes from CMS DB

Was searching to improve GTmetrix and overall load speed of our site.

Came over this:

Question is as follows, as i understood from this forum post and replies, there is a work order on serving images sizes dynamically from DB, but theres no ETA, this is 3 years ago, any update?

As we load extreme contents from the CMS, serving scaled images for all our pages would force us having 30+ fields just for images in the CMS, So… Is there an update regarding the dynamic sizing?

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Currently all regular images are optimized responsively, not sure about dynamic images.

But you should be running all your images through tinypng or similar compressor before uploading anyway. I try to get BG images under 300k and inline under 200k. This is best practices no matter what Webflow does with the images. Not sure if that helps.

3 months without a clearification on wheter this is working or comming? @Brando any update or knowledge about this? :slight_smile:

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All images including ones uploaded through the CMS go through our responsive images tool as @DFink mentioned.

As of Dec 21st 2018 we started working on a CMS image gallery that will allow multiple images to be uploaded to a single field in a collection.

You can learn more here: