Dynamically filter multi-reference options based on a reference field?

Hi everyone, just checking if this is possible - feel like it should be and I’m missing something. I want to build this right the first time and just making sure I’m settin up correctly. Any advice appreciated!

I have a jobs site.

There are 7 firms (collection list used for firms). eg London Firm, Dublin Firm

Each firm has multiple locations. eg London could be - Heathrow, Wimbledon, Romford, Chelsea and Horgate (the job could be for one or more of these locations)

In the CMS for the job posting currently I know I could have a Reference field for the Firm.

Then a multi-reference field for the “location” the job is available. This would be all 35 locations they can pick from (all firms (7) x locations (5) = 35 ).

My question is can I filter the second location multi-reference options based on the first reference (firm) chosen so it will just show the relevant 5 locations to pick from.



PS I’ve no share link as I haven’t start the to build the collection until I know I’m setting it up properly.