Dynamically collect email address

How to collect email address dynamically, Like each post has an “Email Form” which is unique form for each post and want to collect seprately (or separate email services)

is it possible to collect emails dynamically, even with some code or JS?

or Dynamic “Get Menthod” or something like that?

Hi People Inc,

You question isn’t quite clear. It will help a lot if you share your site readonly project link to the page you’re working on and show exactly what you’re wanting to do.

It sounds like you might have a form on a blog collection page. I’m not certain if you’re trying to capture user email addresses in that form and find some way to have that auto-fill, or if you’re asking about capturing the blog post details automatically as part of the submitted form content, like a comment form would have.

I’d say that’s not the normal approach. But it’s possible.

If each form is on a CMS template page, you can add hidden form fields that insert a CMS items value very easily. Each value could be unique to that CMS item.

Submit that form to Make (Integromat), look at the value of that hidden form field (populated from the CMS), then filter and route to different email services or add to different data stores.

That’ll be the simplest, most straightforward approach.

I think you got it wrong

I want to collect email address, but I want send these to the Author of Posts
and each post have different Author so how to setup to collect email and send to respective author

You didn’t describe that with your original question :smirk:

Asking good, clear questions is key :+1:

So do what I said prior but include either the item id or the author email address (pulled from the CMS) to Make / Integromat. If it’s the former (item id), query the CMS from Make to get your author email, otherwise it’s sent with the form submit. Now send your email from Make.

Good luck!

What if use “post” method and add action URL dynamically is it possible to fetch Action URL from webflow CMS?